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Affenpinschers: Amusing Family Pets

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They may look somewhat like a little monkey, but looks can be deceiving.  Behind that sweet, funny face is a fearless little giant of a dog. This dog breed comes from Germany and dates back to the seventeenth century.  Affenpinscher is German for “monkey dog” or “ape terrier.” The French…
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english toy spaniel

English Toy Spaniel: A Royal Dog

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English Toy Spaniel The English Toy Spaniel (also known as King Charles Spaniel) is a laid-back and friendly pet belonging to the Toy Group. This breed is the ideal companion for anyone who appreciates a modest, simple-to-raise home dog because of its gentle disposition and Pug-like expression. King Charles Spaniels…
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Italian Greygound

Italian Greyhound: A Small Sighthound

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Although the Italian Greyhound has been around for many years, it is unknown where this dog originated. They appear in artwork from more than 2000 years ago in places like the Mediterranean, Greece, and Turkey.  Italian Greyhounds (IGs), also called “Miniature Greyhounds,” were widely distributed throughout southern European countries. The…
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