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Not every dog is cut out to be a show dog. Unless you own a registered purebred, the chances are the closest you and your dog will ever get to a show is to watch one on TV. But what if there was a competitive sport that your dog could participate in? One that came with as much glory for winners as any dog show? Do you think your dog could be a participant?

Have more fun with your dog by turning him into a high-performance athlete, and increase his life span at the same time with these easy-to-learn dog agility training routines.

Under-active dogs have less endurance and stamina and are almost always overweight. This leads to increased strain on the heart, lungs and skeletal systems. When a dog’s body has to work harder than it was intended to, sickness and even death follow close behind.

If you think walking your dog is all the exercise he needs, you could be further from the truth.

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

Dogs may look different than we do, but their bodies function pretty much the same as ours. Like ours, their hearts, lungs, and other internal organs can suffer from physical neglect. A healthy diet and a good exercise program will do wonders for your dog, and exercising your dog will keep you in shape simultaneously!

A domesticated dog’s lifestyle isn’t anything like a wolf’s or coyote’s. Wild canine relatives get all the necessary exercise from hunting and staving off their enemies. Domestic dogs have a peaceful life, typically showing up with poor muscle tone, reduced stamina, and a big belly. Unless your own a working dog, you probably know exactly what I mean.

But let’s face it. Exercise can be just as dull for dogs as it is for many people. But what if you could give your dog all the training he needed and do it so that both of you could have some serious fun simultaneously?

I’m talking about agility training, a recognized competitive sport that pits a dog and its owner against other dogs and their owners in a competition to complete an obstacle course within a specified period.

Courses vary in design, but most include challenges like ramps, tunnels, see-saws, and hurdles. Dogs are challenged to weave through poles, run through a tunnel, and then scale a ramp.

The sport demands teamwork between the dog, who must perform all the activities, and the owner, who is tasked with guiding the dog through the course as quickly as possible using basic commands. It’s as much about the dog’s skill as the skill of the owner or handler.


Agility gives your dog several benefits, including:

  • Better cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal health
  • Possible delay of onset of age-related physical conditions
  • Increased bonding with you and other family members
  • Encouragement of his natural sense of competition and challenge
  • The opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a fun environment


  • Increased mental stimulation, which reduces destructive behavior due to boredom

Agility training is also healthy for you because you naturally increase your stamina and burn calories by working with and training your dog to compete. Plus there’s the added benefit of socializing with groups of people who have the same love and respect for dogs as you do.

And here’s the best part about dog agility competitions: No breed or pedigree requirements exist. If you and your dog want to participate, sign up for an event, and you’re in!

And events won’t be hard to find. A national association even sponsors tournaments and sets the ground rules for fair competition!

But even though it’s all fun and games, it takes serious training to compete and win. And it’s not the kind of training most people instinctively know how to give their dog. Some of the training can be as in-depth as training received by military and police dogs. And don’t be surprised if those types of dogs are competing against yours at any given tournament.

Don’t worry. You and your dog won’t be left trying to learn how to train and win. I’ve taken care of all that for you…

Dog Agility Training and Equipment

The in-depth, step-by-step guide to learning how to participate in agility competitions that leaves nothing out!

Designed to be a quick and informative read, 33 pages of just-the-fact information will take you by the hand and show you precisely what you need to do to train your dog to participate in the exciting sport of agility competition and how to win.

Dog Agility Training and Equipment is fact-filled and informative. It’s designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Help their dog build strength and stamina.
  • Meet other dogs and owners in a friendly competitive environment. Challenge themselves and their dogs to become winners.

Wouldn’t you love to come home with a First Place ribbon that your dog earned with their skills and not their good looks and breeding?

Get ready to discover everything you need about dog agility training and equipment in one easy-to-read book.

Most people who buy this book do so because they want to build a better relationship with their dog, meet new friends, and have fun with their dogs in a competitive team environment.

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checkmark The history of agility training and the national and international agencies that sponsor the sport. See Page 5
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checkmark What kinds of dogs make the best agility competitors (Hint: It’s NOT ALWAYS breed related.)
See Page 8
checkmark Things your dog should know before beginning agility training.
See Page 11
checkmark The Top 3 Physical Qualities any dog must have in order to be successful.
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checkmark Dietary requirements for any dog in agility training. Dogs in training need an athlete’s diet. See Page 13
checkmark Understanding the Positive Training mentality. See Page 17
checkmark 5 Tricks for Perfect Training. See Page 19
checkmark Meet the obstacles! See Page 21
checkmark If your dog is going to freak out, this is the obstacle that will probably cause it. See Page 25
checkmark Be careful when training for this obstacle. Most dogs approach it entirely wrong. See Page 26
checkmark The Top 5 agility training equipment you must have if you want your dog to perform at his best. See Page 32
checkmark Resource guide for buying training equipment. See Page 33
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