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3 Best Reasons To Get A Japanese Chin And 2 Good Reasons Not To

The elegant Japanese Chin is a square proportioned dog that seems to have a look of astonishment permanently affixed on its face. Their distinctive, evenly-patterned face has wide-set eyes and a flat, broad muzzle on a round head surrounded with feathered ears. They also have a dot on top of their heads that is said to be Buddha’s touch. This breed comes in a wide variety of colors and has a little something for everyone.

Also known as a Japanese Spaniel, the Japanese Chin has a rich history, originally bred for royal companionship, and are affectionate little entertainers at heart. This naughty little dog belongs to the Toy Group and weighs a mere 6-15 lbs, making for the ideal lap dog.  They may not be a good choice if you have small children.

Reason 1 To Get A Japanese Chin

This dog looks regal and photogenic when perched upon a cushion, but Chin’s have big personalities that will make you smile. Chin’s are clowns at heart and love to make their owners laugh. Even though they’re loyal to their human family, they are friendly to strangers as well as other pets.  They love to play as well as being the center of attention. Attention, affection, and praise are the top motivating forces to getting your Chin to listen!

Being such mischievous little jokesters, Japanese Chin’s have a great deal of joy performing their tricks for a crowd of fun-loving fans. One such trick is the “Chin Spin,” where this playful dog props up on its hind legs and spins around and around, doing a cute little dance. As a result, these friendly dogs make for great therapy dogs.   Their happy and cheerful personalities make their owners smile, and then they will curl up for cuddles in your lap.

Reason 2 To Get A Japanese Chin

Most dogs have an over and undercoat, but Japanese Chin typically only has an overcoat. Their coat makes them quite easy to maintain with far fewer grooming requirements than big or fluffy dogs.

Japanese Chin’s only required one or two weekly brushings and monthly bathing, as well as the minimal effort to maintain a clean face and clipped claws for this short-nosed pup.

These minimal grooming requirements and their friendly personalities make them a fantastic option for anyone who hasn’t been a dog parent or requires a low-maintenance dog.

Reason 3 To Get A Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin dog and European Cat sitting together, isolated on whiteThis breed is “cat-like,” which can be a good thing! On the better side of the fence, these independent pups have lots of fun climbing to the highest perch they can find. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face the first time you see this small dog perched atop your couch and acting as the King or Queen of the home surveying their kingdom.

They’re also pretty independent, and as much as they love affection and want to be around you, they aren’t overly demanding or needy. Another cat-like trait Chins exhibit is their sensitivity, which makes them incredibly loyal to humans in their family.

Reason 1 Not To Get A Japanese Chin

Again, this breed is “cat-like” that can also be bad, depending on the owner. Climbing is cute at times, but at others, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to keep something out of your dog’s reach. The bigger problem is trying to get them to listen during training.

These dogs are obstinate, exhibiting the same royal, aloof attitude as their royal predecessors. Your Japanese Chin may actively choose to ignore you at times just for being a little too harsh or not cuddling when your Chin wanted to. Remember, these dogs were bred to comfort the royalty of Japan. It’s not a surprise that such a breed would feel a little arrogant, entitled, and self-important.

Reason 2 Not To Get A Japanese Chin

If you’re looking for a dog that’ll go on long walks and have fun outdoors, the Japanese Spaniel is not for you. Despite being playful and active, these dogs can only stand slow, and short walks no longer than perhaps 20 or 30 minutes before they tire and need to take a break to catch their breath.

With their flat faces and their incredibly small bodies, they won’t handle extreme weather very well. They might even have trouble breathing if it’s too hot or humid.

It’s also essential to protect them in any rural areas targeted by raptors or other dangerous wildlife. Their small size makes them vulnerable to predators.

Many owners choose to paper, or litter-box train their Chin’s to not worry about taking them outside as a solution to this issue, or to at least give your Chin an alternative option on days where it’s too windy or rainy. But this solution is not for everyone.


There’s plenty of reasons to want a Japanese Chin as your next four-legged family member, and there aren’t many types of people and lifestyles that aren’t compatible with this breed. Similarly, this dog is incredibly adaptable to most environments and situations.

They’re affectionate, loving dogs that can get along with various types of families so long as they have love and attention. Chin’s have silly personalities that can remind owners of cats or clowns.

Ultimately, Chin’s may be mischievous and stubborn, but they make excellent cuddle buddies and playmates. They can even be great with kids or other pets as long as they’re properly socialized and handled with the care necessary for a dog their size.

The best part is that the Japanese Chin’s personality and size make them ideal for any home, whether a small apartment in the city or a house in the countryside.

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