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3 Best Reasons To Get A Pekingese And 2 Good Reason Not To

The Pekingese is a charming, attractive little dog that is dignified, loyal, and courageous. They are popularly known as “Pekes,” and many people adore them, even if they don’t have one, and it’s easy to understand why.

The Pekingese is a brave and boastful dog with a strong character who is not afraid of anything, including larger dogs. They love attention, and if they feel neglected, they will insist you pay attention to them.  They are a good choice for families except those with small children.

Pekingese are suspicious of strangers, but once it remembers a face, it will become affectionate and calm with that person. It is also an independent dog and challenging to train. It will be reluctant to listen to you first, but you will make it very obedient train it properly.

Reason 1 To Get A Pekingese

THEY ADAPT QUICKLY TO ALL HOMES. These dogs can live both in houses with a backyard and in small apartments due to their size, and also because they are a reasonably calm breed that does not need to burn large amounts of energy. They are not very enthusiastic about walks or the outdoors. It would help if you did not sleep outside the home as it is very fragile in the face of inclement weather.

A dog of this breed will always prefer the interior of the home. For this reason, it tends to get along well with older people and with those who lead a more sedentary life. In its search for comfort, this breed adapts well to life in a small apartment, in which it will need a little conditioned corner so that it can sleep without problems. They can also carry it in their arms or a bag.

Reason 2 To Get A Pekingese

A well-socialized Pekingese makes an excellent companion dog. It behaves in a very loving way with its family members and, above all, loves to sit on the skirts of humans to enjoy their caresses. The Pekingese can stay home alone without any problem since it does not need its master’s presence to feel safe. Your absences should not be very long since Pekingese also require human companionship to feel secure and happy.

Pekingese puppy, 5 months old, standing in front of white background
Pekingese puppy, 5 months old

It is a dog attached to its social group, although it shows little. Besides, it has a character that can be considered cold and distant. You must be patient; You need to establish a trusting relationship first to get its affection. Despite being smart, it has a rather stubborn character, which makes training challenging. Traditional punishment-based training doesn’t work. The best way to instruct them, therefore, is through positive reinforcement.

Reason 3 To Get A Pekingese

BRAVE AND COMBATIVE BREED. Although it cannot play a guard dog’s role due to its small size, it can be a useful alert dog since they are always attentive to its surroundings. The slightest noise will attract its attention. In these situations, it will bark loudly to warn that something is amiss. Also, it is suspicious of strangers whom it will study carefully before approaching.

An ancient Chinese legend claims that they descended from a lion. If you see it defend its territory, you will understand the myth. The Pekingese show great courage and stand up to dogs much more massive than them, such as a German Shepherd or even a Pitbull. It is brave, but not at all aggressive, with a strong character and even a little domineering, but tender and loving at the same time.

Reason 1 Not To Get A Pekingese

ITS COAT NEEDS A LOT OF ATTENTION. Its long and characteristic mane requires careful attention, which will increase as the individual grows. Pekingese need at least one daily brushing to prevent their hair from being scattered throughout the house and avoid knots that become a haven for parasites.

Since it has a highly dense undercoat, you should carefully brush it with a metal bristle brush. Dogs of this breed do not tolerate high temperatures too well, and an excessively thick coat can affect them. It may be best that you take it regularly to a dog groomer.

Reason 2 Not To Get A Pekingese

THEY ARE PRONE TO RESPIRATORY AND VISUAL PROBLEMS. Among its most common health problems are those that have to do with the eyes. In this sense, they tend to develop trichiasis, premature cataracts, distichiasis, or growth of hairs in a gland of the eye, and progressive retinal atrophy, a condition characterized by the development of particular sensitivity to light that can lead to loss of vision.

young beautiful girl with pekingese

Besides, they are a breed known as brachycephalic, which means they have difficulty breathing due to their too short nose. It is usual for Pekingese to have obstructions to breathing and to snore when they sleep. It would be best if you took precautions when exercising or letting the dog play with toys that can make breathing even more difficult because it could have other, more severe consequences for its health.


If you want a loyal, brave, independent, calm dog that requires minimal exercise to feel good, this breed would be a good option.

Because the Pekingese can be noisy  (snoring, heavy breathing), although not as loud as the French Bulldog, it is essential to know this before adopting it. However, this is usually more humorous than annoying. This lion-like, short-legged dog will be a loyal companion you will cherish.

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