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Featured Dog Bred for August


Pug Dog Breed

The Hilarious Pug Dog Breed is 2nd to None

The Latin word pugness, which means "fist," is the source of the name of the Pug dog breed. Since the AKC first recognized this breed in 1886, it has been ...
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Breathtaking Dog? How To Make Your Dog Smell Good

Breathtaking Dog? How To Make Your Dog Smell Good

People love their dogs but often hate the way their dogs smell. Unfortunately, your dog can do very little to change how it smells. To make your dog smell good, ...
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Girl hugging Boston Terrier puppy

Give Your Child And New Puppy A Great Start

Watching a small child and a loving new puppy play happily together is one of the most heartwarming events you will ever see. Even better, studies have proven that people ...
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Vacinations Help Prevent Dog Diseases

Protect Your Dog From These 8 Common Dog Diseases

Keeping your pet healthy should be your top priority. Keeping your pet healthy includes preventing dog diseases, one of your most crucial steps. Immunizations can stop several of the most ...
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Happiness is a warm Beagle

Happiness Is A Warm Beagle

Charles M. Schulz was famous for saying, "Happiness is a warm Beagle."  Okay, already.  I know he said "puppy," not "beagle, and it was the name of one of his ...
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Do You Really Want a Great Dane?

The Great in the Great Dane's name suggests that this is a giant dog breed. It is not the tallest breed on average, that is, the Irish Wolfhound, but the ...
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Boykin Spaniel

Extraordinary Boykin Spaniel is the State Dog of South Carolina

 History of the Boykin Spaniel The Boykin Spaniel has a very humble beginning. In the early 1900s in South Carolina, a stray, spaniel-type dog followed Alexander L. White from his ...
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Miscellaneous Class Dogs Close To Being Recognized

Miscellaneous Class There are more than 400 purebred dogs in the world. The American Kennel Club, on the other hand, only acknowledges and accepts breeds having a proven history and ...
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Happy Labradoodle designer dogs

Popular Dog Breeds That Made 3 Designer Dogs Famous

A designer dog is the offspring of two purebred dogs. The purebred dog has a documented ancestry and can be registered with a national kennel club such as the American ...
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woman and rottweiler

The Powerful Rottweiler is A Lover at Heart

The Rottweiler breed began as a general-purpose working dog in the farm area of the German Rottweil district. These dogs were used to herd and protect livestock.   Another of their ...
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Cairne Terrier looking inquisitive

The Scrappy Cairn Terrier Is a Bold but Affectionate Dog

Personality The Cairn Terrier has all of the characteristics of a terrier as you would expect, but with extra sensitivity and affection. The Cairn is bold, inquisitive, scrappy, and a ...
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Running happy beagles

Reliable Hound Group Dogs Are Best All Around Hunters

Dogs included in the American Kennel Club(AKC) Hound Group are a diverse collection of sighthounds and scent hounds. They range from the very short Dachshund to the very tall Irish ...
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Young english bulldog, standing in a grass and looking into the distance

Non-Sporting Group Dogs Are a Gang of Misfits

Some dogs don't fit neatly into a specific category. For those dogs, the American Kennel Club created the Non-Sporting Group. The breeds in the Non-Sporting Group vary in size, coat, ...
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If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die,
I want to go where they went.

Will Rogers