Happiness is a warm Beagle

Happiness Is A Warm Beagle

was famous for saying, “Happiness is a warm Beagle.”  Okay, already.  I know he said “puppy,” not “beagle, and it was the name of one of his books.”  But Snoopy, probably based on one of Schulz’s childhood dogs,  was a Beagle, so I am sure he would not mind my…
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Border Collie Herding Sheep

Herding Group Dogs Need To Be Smart

About Herding Dogs Herding dogs were bred with specific characteristics in mind. They all have the inborn ability to keep herd animals together and direct them in a certain direction or to the desired destination.  This herding ability requires an intelligent dog who can quickly learn commands and lives to…
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Happy Labradoodle dogs by the sea at sunset.

What Is a Designer Dog?

Humans have been breeding dogs for longer than recorded history. No one knows for sure just how dogs’ and humans’ lives became so intertwined. Fortunately, we did and the dog is now a frequent and much-loved member of many families. Over the centuries, dog owners have bred various dogs in…
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