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The Spunky Miniature Schnauzer Makes A Great Family Pet

Are you looking for a family dog that is loyal, intelligent, sturdy and has a personality that you will respect and admire?  If so, the miniature schnauzer is the dog for your family!

Miniature Schnauzers are smart, easy to train, and loyal little dogs that make excellent family pets.  They are not  usually aggressive but will protect their buddies.  They love attention and will cuddle with you on the couch.

The Standard Schnauzer was a popular dog breed long before the Miniature Schnauzer came into existence.  However, the Miniature became more popular over time and surpassed the Standard Schnauzer in popularity, especially after World War II.  It currently (2020) ranks as 19th most popular breed according to the AKC. By comparison, the Standard Schnauzer is 89th and the Giant Schnauzer is 78th in the 2020 AKC rankings.

Miniature Schnauzers Have Great Personalities

The Miniature Schnauzers is spunky, inquisitive, and alert.  These pets love being active during playtime but they are well behaved in the house when play is over. They are less domineering or aggressive than Standard Schnauzer towards other people and strange dogs.

They are do well with children but do not like having their ears or furred pulled.  So, they should be well supervised when there are toddlers in the family.   If your Miniature Schnauzer has not been around children as a puppy, it may be intimidated by the youngsters.

When they feel cornered, they become fearful and may bite in self-defense.   Cleo, my dog, was not around children as a puppy and when she felt cornered she bit one of my grandchildren.  Fortunately, it was only a warning nip and not serious but I did have a prolonged chat with Cleo.

Emotionally, Miniatures want and need to be with its family.  Cleo did not like being left alone and when I returned home, even after a short absence, her greetings were most enthusiastic!

Miniature Schnauzers Do Need Grooming

The Miniature Schnauzer needs brushing at least once a week.  They have a thick wiry coat and they shed very little.  Consequently, they need clipping every two to three months.    You can learn to do a proper Schnauzer clip with a bit of practice.  If you want to do the grooming yourself, get a set of good quality clippers and scissors.

I groomed my minis for quite a while before deciding to get them professionally groomed.  There are many Youtube videos that will help you learn the proper cut.

Because they do not shed or shed very little, they are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed.  Of course, that does not mean they someone with dog allergies will not be affected.   Hypoallergenic simply means they are less of of threat to allergy suffers than dogs that shed their fur.

Miniature Schnauzers Are Good Watchdogs

They are alert little dogs and will sound the alarm when they hear strange noises or when the doorbell rings.  The have a rather powerful bark, not like some yappy small dog.

They are watchdogs, not guard dogs.  Due to their smaller size, they are not very intimidating dogs.  Also, they are not really aggressive.  Once the alert barking is over, they are usually very friendly to the newcomer.

Every dog has its own personality.  I once ha two Miniatures that came from the same litter.   They would both bark almost non-stop whenever the neighbor was in her backyard.  This did not please her, of course, and fortunately I did not live there for long.  My next home had a high fence the dogs could not see through.

Miniature Schnauzers Are Easy To Train

House training my Miniature Schnauzers was not difficult at all.  They all learned to ask to go outside to do their business after only a week or two.

They can learn many voice commands if you put in the effort.  My dogs seem to understand what I say to them.  I seldom bothered to teach them tricks such as to sit up, roll over or play dead, but I am sure they would have easily learned if I had tried.  When I think about it, maybe they actually were training me.

Miniature Schnauzers Are Usually Healthy Dogs

Minis are probably about average when it comes to health issues.  I didn’t have to take mine to the vet except for routine checkups and shots.  The notable exception of course was Cleo.  She became diabetic at the age of nine.

I noticed Cleo began drinking much more water that she usually did and frequently had to urinate.  Also, she did not have as good an appetite as before.  I suspected diabetes because my daughter has a Pug who was diabetic.  After courageously fighting the disease for about a year, she lost her battle and died when she was 10 years old.

Miniature Schnauzers Are My Favorite Breed

I like most dog breeds and would not hesitate to get a German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle or Pekingese all of which I have owned.  However, my first choice would still be the Miniature Schnauzer.

The reason for my great affection for Miniature Schnauzers is because of Cleo.  She had such a great personality and was so loyal, loving and happy that I hold her first among equals of all the dogs I have ever known.