Anal Gland

What Is An Anal Gland?

Dog Anal GlandDogs and cats often release a little fluid from their anal gland each time they urinate, with the primary purpose being to mark their territory. Dogs have two anal sacs, which are located in the connective tissue of the anus.

Many people frequently express these glands. Healthy dogs often have a wide range of sac contents in appearance. The color of anal sac fluid can range from yellow to tan to brown.

The fluid might vary from thin, watery discharges to thick, grit-filled sludge. The malodorousness, or how strongly the contents smell, can also vary. Each of these elements might differ from one animal to another.

Dogs and cats with anal glands that do not naturally express themselves may scoot on the ground, strain to urinate, or lick their anus excessively. Additionally, cats are known to urinate outside of the litter box.



The anal sacs are typically manually expressed by a veterinary practitioner or professional dog groomer. The frequency of this procedure can vary from weekly to every few months, depending on the dog’s level of discomfort.