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Pyrenean Shepherd An Energetic Herding Dog

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The Pyrenean Shepherd is an energetic  herding dog that hails from the [fusion_tooltip title=”A mountain range in southern France and northern Spain. In Greek mythology, Pyrene was a princess who gave her name to the Pyrenees mountains.  How the Pyrenees mountains got their name is (maybe) rooted in Greek mythology.  Another AKC recognized herding dog breed that originated from this area is the  Great Pyrenees.

As are other herding dogs, the Pyrenean Shepherd is intelligent and energetic. When not herding sheep, it is great for other work or competitive sports such as obedience and agility.

They come in two coat varieties, rough or smooth faced. Both varieties are recognized by the AKC, but the smooth-faced is not yet recognized by the Kennel Club.

Pyrenean Shepherds descended from ancient herding dogs used by shepherds of the Pyrenees for who knows how long. It worked together with the Great Pyrenees to guard and control sheep in the rugged terrain of the Pyrenees mountains. Together they can control an amazingly large flock of sheep. Two Pyenean Sheepdogs can control flocks of  up to 1,00 sheep.

They are good family dogs who become attached every family member. Pyreneans will follow you and try to help do any chores you are working on. They are good with children that they have grown up with. They are a rather small dog weighing between 15 to 30 pounds. It has an above average life span and can live to the late teens. You should consider the Pyrenean Shepherd, an energetic herding dog, when choosing a family pet. You could compared it to the Border Collie.

It is not yet a particularly popular breed in the United States. It ranks 181 out of the 196 or so breeds recognized by the AKC.

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