Now Bring in the Scent Hounds

The scent hound, as you would expect, is a type of hound that hunts by using its powerful sense of smell rather than sight. Once they identify a scent, they are able to track their prey, or humans, over long distances and rough terrain. They do need to be fast runners but do need the endurance to follow scents over long distances. Most [...]

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Sporting Group Dogs Make Great Family Pets

Dogs included in the Sporting Group were bred to be hunters that work closely with their human companions. This makes all of the dogs in this group acceptable for most families that want an affectionate and active pet. These dogs vary in size and color so you surely will find one that meets your needs. Remember, however, these dogs were bred to be active [...]

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Hound Group Dogs Were Born To Hunt

Dogs included in the American Kennel Club(AKC) Hound Group are a diverse collection of sight hounds and scent hound s. They range in size from the very short Dachshund to the very tall Irish Wolfhound. Some are very ancient breeds, such as the Pharoah Hound and the Saluki, while others are more recent developments, such as most American coonhound breeds. While they may [...]

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Don’t Go Hunting Without A Dog!

For certain types of hunting, well-trained hunting dogs are indispensable. Dogs have hunted alongside humans for thousands of years.  Although today hunting with dogs is often just for sport, many hunters still provide food for their families, and their dogs are an important partner for a successful hunt. The duties of a hunting dog include: Locating prey by sight or scent. Stalking when the prey [...]

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