Portrait of Finnish Lapphund dog

Finnish Lapphund: Perfect Companion for Any Home

Finnish Lapphunds are loyal and hardworking dogs. Their origins start with the nomadic Sami people, who used them for herding reindeer in Finland’s Lapland region.  This popular Nordic spitz-type dog is intelligent, friendly, alert, and eager to please its owners. They make excellent family pets as they bond strongly and display affection towards children.

Finnish Lapphunds are lively dogs with an independent spirit that makes them ideal for active lifestyles, such as agility trials or obedience competitions. This strong yet gentle breed will thrive in any home environment with proper care, training, and socialization.

The Finnish Lapphund Club of America is the AKC parent club for this breed.

History And Origins

Finnish Lapphund in natureThe Finnish Lapphund is one of Finland’s oldest and most popular breeds, with over 50,000 dogs registered. This breed has a long history stretching back centuries to when the Sami people of northern Europe used them as herding and sledding dogs.

Initially bred for their strength and endurance, these loyal companions have become beloved family pets worldwide. Finnish Lapphunds are medium-sized spitz-type dogs weighing 20–30 kg (44 – 66 lbs). They are known for thick double coats in black, brown, or tan shades, which helps them withstand cold temperatures. The coat also protects from predators while they hunt on rough terrain during winter months.



These active animals require regular exercise and enjoy swimming, running agility training, or other activities alongside their owners. As social creatures, Finnish Lapphunds thrive in an environment where they receive much attention and interaction with humans and fellow canine friends.

They are intelligent animals who learn quickly but may be prone to separation anxiety if left alone too often or for extended periods. With proper training and care, this breed makes a wonderful addition to any home—providing years of love, loyalty, and friendship along the way!



Personality And Temperament

Finnish Lapphund in natureThis agile, alert, and loyal breed was initially used to herd reindeer but quickly became popular as an all-purpose farm dog due to its strong work ethic and willingness to learn new commands.

Though this independent canine can be stubborn sometimes, it is also known for being incredibly friendly and sociable with humans and other animals. The Finnish Lapphund is an intelligent breed that loves to please its owners while maintaining some independence. 

These dogs have great stamina, making them excellent jogging or hiking partners. The Finnish Lapphund typically gets along well with other pets if appropriately socialized from puppyhood onwards. This unique breed is particularly suited to colder climates since they have a thick double coat that helps keep them warm during cold weather.

Their coats come in many colors, such as black, brown, grey, or white, depending on the parentage combination – though most often seen in shades of golden reds or pale whites. Grooming requirements may vary between individual specimens; however, weekly brushing should suffice for most cases. With proper care and training, this adaptable companion will be a faithful friend throughout its lifetime.

Care Requirements

For this breed, there are specific care requirements to be aware of:

  • Grooming – The long coat should be brushed regularly to prevent matting; brushing with a slicker 2-3 times weekly is recommended.
  • Exercise – At least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily is essential for this active breed.
  • Training – Early socialization and obedience training classes are recommended to ensure your pet grows into an obedient, well-rounded adult.
  • Health – Regular checkups with a veterinarian are essential to help maintain good health throughout its life span.

It’s important to remember that the Finnish Lapphund can sometimes be independent, so consistency in discipline and training will yield positive results.

Training And Activity Levels

Portrait of Finnish Lapphund dog
Portrait of Finnish Lapphund dog

Training should concentrate on basic obedience commands and activities that challenge their minds, such as agility and tracking.

Providing indoor and outdoor daily physical activity and interactive games like tug-of-war or fetch can help meet a Finnish Lapphund’s mental and physical stimulation needs. When appropriately exercised, these dogs make great companions who love spending time with their family but thrive independently on long walks or hikes through nature.

Health And Lifespan

Finnish Lapphunds may have an impressive life expectancy, but they still need to be cared for properly if they are going to reach their full potential:

  • Nutrition: Proper nutrition is essential in maintaining health throughout a Finnish Lapphund’s lifespan. Giving them high-quality food with appropriate vitamins and minerals will help ensure optimal growth and development.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise helps keep joints healthy and maintains muscle tone. It also encourages good mental stimulation, which aids in breeders’ ability to train them more effectively.
  • Grooming: Although this breed does not require frequent grooming, regular brushing and nail trimming should always be done. Additionally, bathing regularly or as needed will help reduce shedding and dandruff buildup on their coats.

Although there are no guarantees regarding a pet’s life span, proper care of your Finnish Lapphund can live 12- 15 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Finnish Lapphunds Good Family Pets?

Their good natured demeanor makes them well-suited for families with children, provided they are raised in a positive environment from puppyhood.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Finnish Lapphund?

The average cost of a dog varies greatly, but expect to pay anywhere from $500-$2000 for a puppy that has been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Are Finnish Lapphunds Easy To Groom?

Finnish Lapphunds have a long, thick coat of fur that requires regular grooming. The breed is relatively low-maintenance and can be brushed or combed out weekly with minimal effort.

What Type Of Climate Is Best For A Finnish Lapphund?

A Finnish Lapphund is best suited to a cool climate with its thick coat that protects against wintry winds and frigid temperatures.

How Much Exercise Does A Finnish Lapphund Require?

On average, this breed will require at least an hour of physical activity each day in order to keep it physically fit and mentally stimulated.

The Finnish Lapphund is a remarkable breed of dog bred for centuries to assist with herding reindeer in Finland’s cold climates.  This loyal, intelligent, and energetic companion can range anywhere from $800-$2,000, depending on age and quality.

Exercise needs are relatively moderate; however, they benefit from daily outdoor activities such as walks or playing fetch to stay healthy.  They make great family pets due to their affectionate nature but require early socialization training to ensure proper behavior around strangers.  Overall, the Finnish Lapphund is genuinely one of a kind.



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