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Remember the old cowboy movies’ scenes when the cowboy falls from his horse, and his boot gets caught in the stirrup?  His horse then takes off across the prairie dragging the cowboy in the dust.  That’s how I sometimes felt when I took my two miniature schnauzers for a walk!  After following Doggy Dan’s tips, I no longer have that problem.

Day One — Leash Training


Puppies can start leash training as early as 8 weeks old.  It is better to start training them as soon as possible. 

  Doggy Dan has a comprehensive online training course covering just about every possible dog training subject. 

Day Two — Puppy Training


Puppies need to go often, and when they need to go, they go. They will choose a place themselves, which is unlikely to be a place you want them to use as a bathroom. You will have to train them to know where and where not to pee.

Day Three — Dog Aggression


If your dog thinks it is the pack leader, it may attack other dogs to protect you and himself. Dominant dogs may attack even when they have the option of running away. If you want to stop dog aggression, you must train your dog to look to you as the pack leader.

Day Four — People Aggression


Any dog that shows aggression toward people can be a potential threat to the public. Dogs, especially large dogs, can do serious injury to humans. If you have a dog that shows aggression towards people, you have a duty to change the dog’s behavior or you risk not only harm to another person but also potential legal and possibly criminal liability yourself.

Day Five — Holidays


This video is something completely different from our other training videos.  We show you how easy it is to work and train dogs who listen and respect you as the pack leader.  So Doggy Dan  will be taking you on holiday with him, his family, and 6 large dogs, and you’ll see what I mean.

Please check out this highly recommended online dog training course:

Doggy Dan!