The Amiable Keeshond Is A Symbol of Dutch Patriotism

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Written By James Youngblood

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The Keeshond is a medium-sized spitz dog with a thick coat and distinctive “spectacles” around its eyes. This breed was once a fixture on the canal barges of his native Holland, but today he is beloved worldwide. Let’s look at this fantastic breed and discover why it has become such an integral part of Dutch culture and identity.



Keeshond History

The Keeshond is believed to have originated in Holland during the 18th century when they were bred as watchdogs on canal barges and farms in rural Holland. They were used as guard dogs by farmers who needed someone to alert them when intruders were approaching their property or livestock were straying too far away from home.

Over time they became symbols of Dutch patriotism – they even appeared in political cartoons during the French Revolution! Today they are beloved family pets worldwide, although they remain very popular in their native Holland, where many families consider them part of their national heritage.

Their popularity spread throughout Europe, and by the early 1900’s it had arrived in the United States. In 1930, the Keeshond was entered into the American Kennel Club’s Stud Book and is currently classified as part of the Non-Sporting Group. The Keeshond Club Of America is the parent club for the breed.



Keeshond Physical Characteristics

Keeshond A Keeshond is a  breed of dog distinguished by its plush, shaggy coat and friendly, fox-like face. Although some Keeshonds have darker gray coats with black stripes, the keeshond’s coat often comes in gray, cream, and black colors.

They are shielded from both extremes of temperature by this thick double coat. The average adult keeshond weighs 35 to 45 pounds and measures 18 inches at the shoulder.



Their face features what is often referred to as “spectacles” – two black rings around their eyes that give them an unmistakable foxy expression.

They have small, close-sitting ears and graceful tail that wraps over their backs. Their wide eyes, which always seem to be looking for something intriguing, give them a smart, curious countenance. As a result of their intellect and loyalty, they are adored; once you have one, it will become your lifelong best buddy.



Keeshond Personality

They are outgoing, friendly dogs with an eagerness to please and lots of energy. He loves being around people and loves to be part of the action – especially if there’s some fun involved! He tends to be more independent than some other breeds but can still be trained if you have the patience. His intelligence makes him easy to train for fundamental commands like sit and stay, but he needs lots of mental stimulation to keep him from becoming bored or destructive.

They make excellent family pets because they get along well with people and other animals. Keeshonds are wonderful friends who will enliven any home with regular grooming and plenty of workouts! Keeshonds make excellent pets year-round because of their superb personality features, curious appearance, and upbeat demeanor.

Keeshond Health Issues

Although it is generally thought to be a healthy breed, there are a few health issues that owners should be aware of. Some may experience progressive retinal atrophy, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia (PRA). Owners must know they are susceptible to obesity if they aren’t correctly exercised and fed.


The Keeshond is much more than just another cute face – he’s become a symbol of Dutch patriotism over time due to his loyalty and intelligence. This amiable breed loves being around people and is always eager to please his owners with his energetic personality and willingness to learn new things. Whether you live in Holland or elsewhere, owning this dog breed can connect you to this fantastic breed’s unique history and culture.

You won’t regret getting a Keeshond if you’ve been thinking about getting a new family pet. They make excellent companions who will enrich your life with love and humor for a very long time.



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