What Is A Cockapoo?

A Cockapoo (cockapoodle, cockerpoo, cock-a-poo) is a crossbreed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. The first known crossbreeding was likely by accident in the 1960s. The puppies turned out to be happy, intelligent, and low-shedding dogs. These “hybrid dogs” became popular and a new type of dog breed began, the designer dog.

The Cockapoo was the start of today’s popular designer dogs. The results of the first crossbreeding of a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle were quite positive. The puppies turned out to be intelligent, with low shedding coats, loving personalities and were almost odorless. Today, designer dog breeders are working on developing a Cockapoo breed that has consistent traits.

To be fair, dog owners have been crossbreeding dogs forever, or at least as long as man and dog have been together. Only very few of the purebred dogs recognized by the AKC today cannot be traced to a combination of different dog breeds by past dog breeders. Dogs without a known breeding history are often called pariah dogs. Examples of pariah dog breeds that are recognized by the AKC include the Canaan Dog and the Basenji.

What I am saying is that most of the modern purebred dogs are designer dogs. It’s just that they were designed long before the current designer dog craze began.

What Does A Cockapoo Look Like?

Henry and Darcy

As Forest Gump would say (paraphrasing): “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Similarly, when you mess with dog genetics, you get a box of dog chocolates. No two are likely to be exactly the same.

Perhaps the biggest variable for the Cockapoo is which size Poodle is used. Cocker Spaniels have a fairly uniform size. But the Poodle, even though it is considered to be a single breed, can range from 4 pounds to 70 pounds. Both dog breeds can have coats of several different colors.

There are some differences between the American and English Cocker Spaniels. Luckily you can tell which nationality was used because the English Cockapoo barks with a distinctive British accent with just a hint of French undertones.

Size of Cockapoo

Cockapoos are divided into 4 size classes. A teacup toy Cockapoo is shorter than 10 inches and weighs under 6 pounds. A toy Cockapoo grows to up to 10-11 inches and weighs around 12 pounds. The miniature Cockapoo is between 11-14 inches and weighs between 13-18 pounds. Lastly, the maxi Cockapoo grows to over 15 inches and weighs more than 19 pounds.

Cockapoo Coat Colors

Biscuit, a Cockapoo

Cockapoos come in a variety of colors, some are solid and others are mixed. The most common colors include black, brown, white, red, cream, tan, and chocolate.

Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle come in several coat colors and color combinations. Consequently, Cockapoos will also have a wide range of color possibilities.

Cockapoo Personality

Cockapoos have a great appearance but the goal for their breeding was temperament. For most of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s the Cocker Spaniel was the most popular dog breed in the United States. Cockers are sweet, loyal family dogs (I grew up with 2 Cocker Spaniels). They’re also intelligent, playful, and easy to train.

Poodles also have a endearing personality as well being very smart. They shed very little which helps reduce the likelihood of triggering allergic reactions.

Cockapoos do inherit the desirable personality of their parents. If your home has children, older adults, and other pets, a Cockapoo should fit right in. Cockapoos are very intelligent and training them is relatively easy. They play with children and other pets without being aggressive. Active people will enjoy going out with a Cockapoo and have a good time outdoors.

Cockapoos should not be left alone for long periods as they may develop social anxiety. The presence of an individual at home makes the dog feel secure and safe. When no one is at home for long periods, a Cockapoo might become destructive due to separation anxiety.

Cockapoos have an expected lifespan of 12 to 15 years, although in some exceptional cases they have lived to 20 years. However, the lifespan depends on various factors, including diet, health status, exercise level, and living conditions.

Do Cockapoos Need Grooming?

Cockapoos are low maintenance compared to other dogs. Whether it’s winter or spring, Cockapoos rarely shed their coats. However, an owner should brush their coat daily to prevent tangles. They will also need a haircut and bath on a routine schedule.

Where To Buy A Cockapoo

You can buy a cockapoo puppy online or at a local breeder. However, it’s essential to ensure that the breeder is reputable, licensed, and registered with the relevant authority. This will guarantee you that you’re buying a healthy dog that doesn’t require many extensive health tests or treatments that can be quite costly.