how to house train you puppy

Puppies need to go often, and when they need to go, they go. They will choose a place themselves, which is unlikely to be a place you want them to use as a bathroom. You will have to train them to know where and where not to pee.

The best way to show your puppy where you want them to potty is to show them the correct place. To do this, take them out before they need to go, then praise them when they do go.

You will be amazed at how quickly they will learn if you give them praise and a treat for going in the right place. Your puppy soon learns that peeing in the right place means it gets a treat.

After a few successes, your puppy will expect a reward saying, “Hey, where’s the dog cookie. I just pooped!”

After eating, puppies will often need to go within a couple of minutes, so always take them outside as soon as they finish eating. It would help if you also took them outside as soon as they wake up.

Use a word or phrase that your puppy can associate with the trip outside. You could say, “go outside” or “do your business.” Your puppy will soon recognize the words and know what they mean. Everyone in the family should use the same word or phrase.

If you take your puppy outside and it does not go, then be aware that they may still need to relieve themselves. You may want to restrict them to a smaller area that is easy to clean.

It is best never to punish a puppy to teach it a lesson. The next time it may do it out of sight, such as behind the couch!

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