Young lady walking with dog

how to Leash train your dog

Remember the old cowboy movies’ scenes when the cowboy falls from his horse, and his boot gets caught in the stirrup?  His horse then takes off across the prairie dragging the cowboy in the dust.  That’s how I sometimes felt when I took my two miniature schnauzers for a walk!  After following Doggy Dan’s tips, I no longer have that problem.  Doggy Dan has a comprehensive online training course covering just about every possible dog training subject.  

You should keep your dog on its leash when out of the house unless they are in a fenced-in yard. Keeping your dog on a leash is important for its safety and for the safety of others. 

A dog off its leash may decide to cross the road without regard to traffic.  It may also chase other pets or animals.  It may even threaten or attack other people.  None of these outcomes is good.

Puppies can start leash training as early as 8 weeks old.  It is better to start training them as soon as possible.  In our video, we offer several tips to help you leash train your dog.

Online Dog Training – Expert Videos

Now if you’ve ever had trouble with your dog pulling on the leash, then you’re going to really enjoy this particular video. Because what makes this whole method so effective is that it doesn’t rely on forcing dogs to obey you, but by convincing them that they should be following YOU.

As you’re going to see in this first video… it works very quickly, even on the most determined dogs. Enjoy the video…