Can I Get a Puppy?
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Can I Get a Puppy?  

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Can I Get A Puppy?

Are you ready to answer the question: Daddy (or Mommy): "Can I Get A Puppy?"

You might be inclined to reply: "Go ask Mommy (or Daddy).  All of us played on that merry-go-round, both as a child and as a parent.

The correct answer is: "Yes! Let's go get one right now." Or, "Yes! What kind should we get?"

Not so fast, you may think. Getting a dog is a big decision to make, and you must answer several question before making a big, and some might say, life changing decision. Because getting a dog is somewhat like adopting another child. It becomes a member of the family, and as all new family members do, a puppy needs care, love and attention.

Question You Might Have

The first question to answer might be: Can you have a dog where you live? If you are renting, your landlord or lease agreement might prohibit pets. Unless moving is an option, the discussion may end right there. Assuming you can leap this hurdle, there are still other factors to consider.

Another possible problem to can i get a puppy is that someone in the family is allergic to dogs. This might be a tough one to overcome. There are several small breed dogs that are hypoallergenic such as the Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier and a several others. If you prefer bigger dogs, you are not out of luck. You might select a Portuguese Water Dog, Giant Schnauzer or Afghan Hound. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a more complete list of hypoallergenic dogs on their website.

Even if someone has a dog allergy, you might find was to cope with it such as medications or setting up dog free zones. In any event, if someone in your family is allergic to dogs, you should consult an allergist before bringing a dog into your home.

Maybe The Most Important Question

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Who is going to take care of the dog? I will, your child is will answer enthusiastically. Some experts say have a family meeting to decide who will be responsible.  I say, forget that. Maybe you will come to a family agreement and everyone will agree do some part, but in the end it likelyt will be you in charge of feeding, grooming, exercising an cleaning up messes before Fido is house trained.

Hey, no one said it would be easy, and your family will help out a bit. But the rewards the love, companionship, and fun you have with a dog more than offset those other pesky problems. At least, they do in my opinion.  And if you do all those things for your new puppy, you will become its favorite family member.  That's reward enough for me.

Maybe someone in your household doesn't like or is afraid of dogs. Fear of dogs might be something that may or may not be solved. You may have to consult an expert to see what your options are. Not liking dogs? Is that a real thing? I once had a Miniature Schnauzer of mine, named Cleo, say to me: "You can never fully trust anyone who doesn't love dogs!"  Or maybe, I just thought she said that.  It might have been my imagination.  Anyway, it sounds right to me.

The Right Answer

No one can really answer the "Can I get a puppy" question for you.  If you grew up with a dog and loved it, the answer may be easy.  If you've never lived with a dog, it might be a harder decision.  However my advice is to quickly answer: "Yes, sweetheart, you can have a puppy!"


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Every child should have a puppy.