Living With A Blind Dog
Canine blindness doesn’t just affect your dog. It affects you and every member of your family as well. But if you are willing to learn how to help your dog cope and get along in his new environment, it won’t be long before life with your dog will be back to normal, or at least as normal as possible given the circumstances. Dog’s are perfectly capable of living a full and happy life without their vision, but they will require some assistance from their best friend — you!
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Embarking on the great experience of being a dog owner is an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, this experience does not come with an instruction manual. Often all it takes is making one small mistake to turn adopting a dog into a disaster. You may not like your dog, or he may not like you. You might decide that he is more trouble than you had bargained for. At its worst, you may regret the decision to adopt a dog entirely.